Visiting Bilbao On My Year Abroad

Oh my, as I look through the pictures in this post, I can't believe how nostalgic I feel about summer weather already because let me tell you that the weather is not like that anymore as you can see my vlog at the end from when I went back last month. 

Anyway, being in the Basque Country you can not not visit Bilbao. Especially the famous Guggenheim Museum. I don't actually have any pictures inside the museum itself because quite frankly they don't let you take any pictures inside. Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed my day there and I can not believe how cheap the entrance is (about €5 for Student), which just make such a change for the museum in other places that I have visited before (London and Barcelona...I am looking at you). 

Anyway, hope you enjoy these pictures and if you happen to take a visit to the Basque Country in Spain, I would highly recommend visiting Bilbao!

Here's a video of when I went back again last month. Oh, how rainy and misty it was. 

Have you ever visited the Basque Country/Bilbao before? Or would you like to one day?

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