Easy Way to Deep Cleanse Your Pores

YOSO | Compact Deep Cleansing System

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this little gadget on my InstaStories. I received quite a few questions about YOSO COMPACT Deep Cleansing System after I posted. Some were curious about how it works and some were just wondering why was my face so "dirty". Before you proceed, I would like to mention that my skin is dry and sensitive. This product works very well for me but everyone has different skin type and what works for me, might not work for you.

What is it?
YOSO COMPACT Deep Cleansing System uses ionic technology. Basically, the positive and negative charged ions help to pull away impurities such as leftover cleanser residues and built up daily dirt from deep within your pores.

It is battery operated with 2 x AAA.

YOSO | Compact Deep Cleansing System

YOSO | Compact Deep Cleansing System

YOSO | Compact Deep Cleansing System

How I use it?
Although, it can be used with both cleanser and toner. I personally prefer to use it with toner after double cleansing. I only have balm and cream based cleansers which I don't think will work with this gadget. If you would like to use it with a cleanser, I would recommend water or gel-based cleansers such as Micellar Water.

I normally lightly soaked my cotton pad in toner before sandwiching it between the clip. My toner of choice is Liz Earle Skin Tonic because it's the only one I have in my stash. I'm happy to report that they work very well together. My skin is left feeling clean, radiant and most importantly my skin doesn't feel tight or dry!

YOSO Compact Deep Cleansing System has 4 different levels for each skin type. I normally just use level 4 as I don't really notice the difference between each level. It also doesn't tell you which level is for which skin type, so it's guesswork that level 4 is the strongest. The process last 3 minutes and I usually just run the cotton pad all across my face and neck.

YOSO | Compact Deep Cleansing System

The Result

I have been using YOSO COMPACT Deep Cleansing System religiously for a few months now and I love it! There is a sense of morbid satisfaction at seeing a very dirty cotton pad afterwards. When I don't use this gadget for a few days, my skin doesn't look as bright and the cotton pad will be dirtier as well. When I continuously use the gadget every day, there's not as much built up dirt in my pores, my skin feels cleaner and more radiant.

You can get it here for £11.95.

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