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If you have been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I had a little break in Porto recently. If you haven't, my handle is @wanischa (excuse the shameless self-promo, got to be done!).

For me, one of my favourite thing about Porto is food. For the entire time that my boyfriend and I were there. We only had one disappointing meal which was mainly because all of the other places we tried were so good! I have decided to create this post, mainly because I find that it's such a struggle to find great places to eat whilst you are on holiday and sometimes merely looking on TripAdvisor can be a little bit daunting as there are so many choices to choose from. 

TOP 3 PLACES TO EAT IN PORTO - Bacalhau, Tapabento, Saboriccia

The first meal we had was at Bacalhau. We stumbled along to find this place which is by the riverside whilst looking for a different restaurant but we are glad to have stopped here. For dinner, we ordered tuna steak with sweet potato, chips and shrimp porridge. As a disclaimer, I'm not a massive fan of tuna steak but this dish was actually incredible! I've never had anything like it. I particularly enjoyed the sweet potato sauce that accompanied the tuna. It's really a must-try. I also ordered the chips as a side dish, not expecting it to be anything amazing but even the chips blew my mind. The crispy and golden on the outside and soft in the middle and really tasty. The shrimp porridge was something different, tasty but can be a little bit too overpowering and I struggled to eat more than just a couple of spoonful at a time. It's best as a side dish whilst accompanying a less fishy dish. Overall, this place was so good that it made our top 5 places to eat (let me know if you would like to see our complete list of top places to eat!). 

For our last dinner in Porto, we booked a table at Tapabento - Bar Restaurant and I highly recommend booking because when we arrived all of the tables were fully booked. Since most restaurants in Porto are so small, it might be worth booking the places you want to eat in advance. 
As it was our last night and I was in the mood for seafood, we did order a vast amount of food here and I have no regret since the food was incredible. The restaurant made it to our top 2! We ordered foie gras and razor clams as starters, Mozambique shrimps and steak as mains, peanut foam and forest fruits tart as desserts.

I feel like I really need to talk about the foie gras... as you can probably see from the picture above that this restaurant has their presentation down to a T, even though, their food look good, they are not skipping out on the quantity, which is perfect for us. There is nothing worse than leaving an expensive restaurant hungry and having to go to a KFC afterwards (yes, that happened haha). 

Anyway, I have a weakness for pan-fried foie gras with some fruity coulis. Before this, I haven't had a good one for a couple of years now as it's quite hard to find a restaurant that serves this in the UK and I do feel bad about eating it. However, this is by far the best foie gras I have ever tasted in my life. It's perfectly seasoned and well balanced with the rest of the dish. If you ever find yourself in Tapabento, you just need to order this dish! Everything we ordered was also amazing but it didn't blow my mind like the foie gras. Still, I would recommend everything I've tried here. Bonus point: the waitress here was lovely. 

I think it might be time for a 'less-indulgent' meal. If you are looking for a simple lunch place whilst you are out shopping. I found Saboriccia on the day that was pouring down with rain and ordered a 7 euros cheese board which came with a pile of bread, 3 different types of cheese and different types of honey. Unlike many cheese boards we have tried previously, we liked all the cheese and ate everything. I particularly loved the honey and was so tempted to bring some home. My boyfriend also really enjoyed the wine there. 

Here are the top 3 places I really enjoyed eating in Porto. Let me know if you have been to any of these places and what you think of them. 

caBARe: For being open when most of the other restaurants were not and having great seafood pasta that I had to fight my boyfriend because he was eating too much and too fast. Also has a great atmosphere. Didn't make the top list because of too much salt on pimiento Padron, octopus a bit bland and served all the food too quickly...

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