Planning a trip to Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam?
I've recently booked a trip to Amsterdam for my boyfriend's birthday as a belated present. Since we haven't really celebrated our last 2 anniversaries. I have conveniently booked it for our upcoming 3rd anniversary as I wanted to make sure that we will be doing something! 

This trip is actually going to be the first trip that I will be planning by myself as my boyfriend is usually the more organised one. So, this will be my opportunity to 'shine' (hopefully). 

Today I'm going to be sharing my two days itinerary in Amsterdam with you, in case you are also planning a trip to Amsterdam and looking for some ideas. I will keep you updated about how the plan goes via Instagram (@wanischa) and possibly an updated blog post. Let's get started!

First Day Itinerary
Brunch - We will be starting our day with brunch at Piqniq. I picked this place because we always order a few dishes to share but this place is all about having a lot of small dishes so you can try a lot of different things. Perfect for foodies like us!

Morning activity - Walking around Jordaan de Negen Straatjes and De Pijp.

Snack - Try Dutch's raw herring at Rob Wigboldus. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out because my boyfriend hates onions. 

Afternoon activity - Continue walking around and exploring. Possibly visit a coffee shop to see what it's all about. The ones on my radar are Dampkring and Greenhouse. Follow by chilling in Vondelpark.
Dinner - After a long day of exploring, I've picked a place closer to the hotel in case we are tired and wanted to go back and relax before dinner. The restaurant we will be going to is The Happy Bull which is known for their burgers. Even though I don't eat beef, I'm just so happy to see a burger place that offers a variety of other burgers as well. 

Evening activity - On Friday, Van Gogh Museum is open until 9pm so it might be worth a little evening stroll and enjoy the arts whilst there are fewer people around. 

Second Day Itinerary
Morning activity - I've booked an early entry to the Anne Frank House as I really wanted to visit this place and most of the other time slots were already sold out. So, if you want to go, make sure to book the tickets early online! 

Lunch -  As a reminiscence of our Brussel's trip where we had the best Mussels and Chips. We are going to Mossel & Gin for lunch. 

Afternoon activity - As self confess geeks, we both love playing games and I have found this really cool place with an arcade game called TonTon Club. Depending on how entertaining the place is my other plans include doing a Red Light District Tour or a pedal boat in the Canal. 

Dinner - We will be having a relaxed dinner at Restaurant Vlaming which is a small family business! 

Evening activity - Depending on how tired we are, I was thinking of doing an Evening Canal Cruise. To see all the Amsterdam all lit up.

Late Night activity - Again, depending on how we feel but I think my boyfriend will love Tales & Spirits since it has Star Wars inspired cocktails!

Have you been to Amsterdam? Where would you recommend?

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