Should We Worry About Ingredients in Our Beauty Products?

Ingredients in skincare
Before I started working at my current job. I was someone who thought "it doesn't matter what ingredients are inside the products as long as they work". It was the rise of The Ordinary that I started to take notice of ingredient names such as Hyaluronic acid, Retinoid, Salicylic acid etc. Prior to that, I honestly had no idea what they are for and even now I understand the basic but I am still not knowledgeable enough to advise in that regard. 

At my work, we have training sessions where brands come into the office to explain why and how their products work. I always look forward to these training sessions because different brand founders have different takes on different ingredients. Although at times it might be confusing to learn about conflicting ideas at the end of the day I got to learn as much as I can and I can try to form an opinion for myself by making further research. 

When it comes to the choice between picking products with only natural ingredients and products with scientific research to support its claims. It is still a decision that I struggle with. On one hand, I have started to become aware of how my skin absorbs products and I worry about bad ingredients build up in my system that might cause problems in the future. However, on the other hand, I realised that just because something is natural, it doesn't mean that it's better. 

It has taken me a long while to realise that some high-end products are more expensive because of the ingredients inside (some are because of brand names and marketing cost). So, it really worth knowing what ingredients are inside your products and work out whether or not it's worth the high price tag before you splash out. 

What is your take on product ingredients? Do you care about where they came from?

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  1. It's a weird one as sometimes my skin reacts and breaks out with super high end skincare, yet I can use something very basic from The Ordinary for £5 and be absolutely fine. It's a lot of fun experimenting though :D it must be so interesting learning directly from the brands xxx

    1. I know, I have had reactions to high end skincare too because sometimes their ingredients are too strong or their are too many ingredients and sometimes it's about learning when not to mix products as well. It's so complicated and I can barely wrap my head around all the ingredients. xxx

  2. Because my skin is quite sensitive, I always have to keep an eye on the ingredient list - shea butter, for example, is out! xx


    1. I have quite sensitive skin but I have no idea what I am sensitive to which makes it super hard for me to know until the product has already ruin my face -_- xx