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If you have read my last post on my plan for a weekend trip to Amsterdam and followed me on Instagram (@wanischa). You probably know that pretty much most of my "plan" did not go to plan at all. Unfortunately, my boyfriend got ill at the beginning of the trip and we couldn't do everything that I had planned. So, here are what we did instead. 

The Arrival 
My boyfriend's start of flu was brewing the night earlier as we had a major issue trying to get from the airport to the hotel. We couldn't take the train because there was a fire situation and the station had closed off all platforms. We tried to get an Uber but we couldn't find the pickup point because the GPS on the app didn't work properly. The Uber driver got super angry at us and called us swearing...
Anyway, we gave up on trying to get an Uber and we waited for the train station to open again. Fortunately, the hotel wasn't that far away. We stayed at XO Hotel Couture, which was 10 minutes walk from Lelylaan Train Station. The hotel itself was utterly awful and terrible comfort wise. The pillows were really uncomfortable and the bed was too hard. I don't really understand how it is a 4 stars hotel. 

First Day Itinerary
The terrible situation the night before and the air con in the hotel stirred up some sort of cold symptoms for my boyfriend and he wasn't having a particularly good time in the morning. Me being me and trying to stick to my neatly planned schedule as I think that he would like the places that I picked out. 

Brunch - We ventured out to get brunch at Piqniq. This place didn't disappoint! The food comes in smaller portions so you can pick a few different things to try. We went for 4 items for €12 each because we were both really hungry. I later noticed that most people had only 3 items each. Our favourite was Pulled Chicken Focaccia. Also, the server was super nice and made us feel really welcomed. I would definitely go back here. 

Morning Activity - My plan was to walk around but since Amsterdam was so rainy and cold that day. My increasingly ill boyfriend did not want to walk around so we decided to do a canal cruise with Lovers Canal Cruises for €13 each instead. It was a great activity to do to get out of the rain and see a lot of Amsterdam in a short space of time. 

Afternoon Activity - Me taking my boyfriend back to the hotel room. Making him take some paracetamols and take a nap. He didn't wake up until it well over into dinner time. 

Dinner - I finally woke my boyfriend up at around 6pm to go out and eat at The Happy Bull. The food itself was okay. We definitely have had better burger elsewhere. Also, they only have 2 non-beef burgers options; chicken and veggie.

Evening Activity - Back to the hotel after dinner to get an early night as we have to wake up early the next day. 

Second Day Itinerary
Since we needed to stock some more paracetamols and get some sort of breakfast before visiting Anne Frank House. We went to Lidl to get some water, paracetamols and some croissants (where we were completely puzzled on how to get them out and had to ask a local...). 

Morning Activity - Visit Anne Frank House. So, I've just found out that my boyfriend hadn't heard of Anne Frank before until I insisted on visiting this place. It was a strange experience to see the condition in which people had to endure during such a horrible time and we had learned so much from that experience. We are going to read her diaries together at some point, after we finish Man's Search for Meaning. 

Lunch - From thebeauparlour's recommendation. We visited Fou Fow Ramen, which was a perfect escape meal from a cold day. We both had Tan Tan Men and boyfriend said that it tasted like Bolognese... I personally liked my ramen a lot. 

Afternoon Activity - After the soupy ramen, my boyfriend had started to feel well enough to endure 20 minutes of walking around Jordaan area (which I might have extended it by about another 20 minutes with one 5 minutes rest stop on a bench). Then we went back to the hotel so he can actually rest properly. 

Dinner - From Ice__Pandora's recommendation. We went to Foodhallen, which is pretty much a food hall with loads of different kind of food. The atmosphere was amazing and lively but it was slightly too busy. I also happened to sat next to annoying group of American tourists who didn't understand the concept of personal space and thought that I didn't speak English until I started to give them evil eyes. We tried the hotdog and fresh Vietnamese rolls there. Both were really good but I started to get stomach pain whilst my boyfriend was also feeling worst for wear and we both made our journey back to the hotel, feeling sorry for ourselves.

Final Day Itinerary 
Our plan was to have brunch at Dignita before leaving for the airport but when we arrived the queue was so long and they were too busy. So we decided to go to Drovers Dog instead. The food there was not too bad but they forgot the bacon on my dish so I can't give them 5 stars. They did give me a free coffee as an apology though...but that was only after we complained twice (I really wanted bacon that morning). 

Have you ever had a less than perfect holiday?

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