Here Are My Thoughts on These 8 Glossier Products

I'm sure you have all heard about Glossier. They launched in the UK in October last year. I admit I have been sucked in by their marketing and cult following. I received a box of Milky Jelly Cleanser, Haloscope in Moonstone and a Priming Moisturiser before it launched and I also bought Boy Brow in Black, Cloud Paint in Beam, Balm Dotcom in Rose, Generation G in Leo and Stretch Concealer in Medium. So I have tried a pretty good range of their products and some work well for me and some just weren't for me. 

Glossier Reviews | Milky Jelly Cleanser

Milky Jelly Cleanser | £15
I have been using this cleanser as my weekend cleanser for a few months and I do really like it. It has an artificial rose scent. I normally massage it on dry skin before adding water. It has a jelly consistency which turns milky (hence the name) once mixed with water. I find that it's a great fuss-free cleanser and it removes my makeup without the need of rubbing and tugging.  It also doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. I definitely would consider repurchasing. 

Glossier Reviews | Priming Moisturiser

Priming Moisturiser | £18
I genuinely hate this product. The first time I tried it burns my eyes and I didn't even get it near my eyes. I didn't find it neither hydrating nor buildable. It irritated my skin and burn the areas of my skin that was slightly dry. My skin is left red, raw, rough and patchy especially around my chin and cheeks. So, it's not a product that I would recommend to soothe your skin. If you don't believe me, read other reviews on this product. I wanted to chuck this in the bin so bad!

Glossier Reviews | Balm Dotcom in Rose

Balm Dotcom in Rose | £10 
This balm isn't the most moisturising balm I have ever tried but it has a permanent position in my handbag. It's super useful for when I have dry patches as it melts onto my skin without leaving the telltale shiny layer and it has a nice rose scent. 

Glossier Reviews | Boy Brow in Black

Boy Brow in Black | £14
Hands down one of the best thing to ever happen to my eyebrows since the beginning of time. If you have ever wondered how people got feathery looking brows. It is this product! I have been asked so many times by so many different people about what I use on my brows and it's this plus ABH Brow Wiz. Also, your brows will stay put all day! I already have a backup of this already. It's not something that I am prepared to live without. 

Haloscope in Moonstone | £18
A lot of people I know love this highlighter but I'm not sure that I'm particularly fond of this shade as I find it too sparkly. Although, I have to say that it gives a really hydrated dewy glow. I am tempted to buy the shade Quartz to try as well. 

Glossier Reviews | Cloud Paint in Beam

Cloud Paint in Beam | £15
I wasn't a massive fan of blush until Cloud Paint has been added to my routine. It instantly adds a healthy glow to my otherwise dull winter complexion. It's very easy to blend but I'm not keen on the packaging because it occasionally releases too much product if the tube has been crush by other things in the bag. 

Glossier Reviews | Generation G in Leo

Generation G in Leo | £14
This lipstick reminds me of Crayola, both in scent and texture. It's not a complete no for me as there are some things about it that I do enjoy. It has a very natural finish (completely shine-free) and I sometimes use it on my eyelid and cheeks for that monochrome look too. 

Glossier Reviews | Stretch Concealer in Medium

Stretch Concealer in Medium | £15
I didn't think I'd like this as I normally prefer high coverage concealer to cover my dark circles but this concealer is something else! It has a light but buildable coverage that you can use all over your face. It gives a very natural no-makeup makeup look. It's hydrating and doesn't settle into fine lines but because it's so hydrating my mascara smudges onto my under eyes whenever I use it, even when I set it with powder. I usually hate a product that I have to use my fingers to apply but I like this Stretch Concealer enough to make an exception. 

My overall experience with Glossier has been very positive. I have enjoyed the majority of their products and there is only one thing that I hated (Priming Moisturiser). I would definitely be made to make another order and try out other products in the range. On my next to buy list is Lidstars and of course another backup for my Boy Brow. 

What is your favourite Glossier product?

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  1. I loved this post! I've not tried anything from Glossier as I've been so overwhelmed by how many products there are but I totally need to try the Boy Brow, your brows always look amazing in your stories xx

    1. It is a must try! Nothing is better than a good Boy Brow for a natural looking bushy brows xx

  2. I've heard good things about Glossier, but I haven't tried any of their products honestly. Hopefully soon!


    1. You should try a few out! Especially if you like no makeup makeup look! x