My Empty Products That You Might be Curious About

As someone who hoards beauty products. It's very difficult to finish anything unless I really enjoy it (or in some cases, forced myself to use it up). In the past year, I have been collecting the carcasses of my empties to do a post and reflect my relationship with them. 

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian 4 Play Moisturising Shower Cream-Gel | £21
I'm sure you have heard about the Bum Bum Cream and this in-the-shower version is just as obsession-worthy. The summer scent is truly addictive and I love using this body wash, followed by the Bum Bum Cream and topping up with spritzes of the body mist throughout the day. Can you tell that I am obsessed with Sol de Janeiro? 

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Geranium & Neroli | £32 
One product that I regularly recommend to people looking for a great hair product is Elasticizer. If it was good enough for Audrey Hepburn then it is good enough for me! It gives my hair its bounce and shines that I was looking for when I was trying to repair some damage from excessive hair dyeing in my youth. Now I use it once every 1-2 weeks for maintenance and make my hair feels less fluffy. The Geranium & Neroli version has the most incredible smell and has ignited my love for this scents combination. Honestly, I can't live without it!

Sarah Chapman Rapid Radiance Cleanse | £33
Did you know that I love Sarah Chapman? I think everyone who ever had a conversation with me, knows that I love Sarah Chapman. Her Rapid Radiance Cleanse is great for morning time and on days I don't wear makeup. It has a detoxify properties yet it's never drying. With a cocktail of clay, vitamin c, lactic and salicylic acids. It does everything I wanted it to do. An added bonus is that it has my two favourite essential oils; geranium and neroli. Would recommend it for anyone with dry skin looking for a gentle morning cleanser/quick mask!

Sand&Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask | £39.90
I rarely ever finish a mask but I just couldn't stop using this every week until it was all gone. It's just so easy to remove! Even my boyfriend doesn't mind me testing this out on him as it's super easy to wash off. I saw some incredible results on social media but on me, I just noticed brightening effect and it helped with my weekly deep cleansing.  

 Clarins Double Serum | £75 
This one was from their old recipe about a couple of years ago (it took me that long to finish it!). Recommended by my favourite makeup artist; Pearypie. Great for hydration, radiance and smoother skin. I really enjoyed using it but after sticking to one serum for 2 years, I'm ready to explore something new! 

Eve Lom Cleanser | £55 
I finished this cleanser ridiculously quickly, mainly because the instruction required me to wash my face THREE times! It took too long to wash my face but my skin was left feeling nourished and very squeaky clean. It started to enjoy the ritual of it. It's a shame that for such an expensive product, the quality of the ingredients didn't quite live up to the price (the first ingredient is mineral oil). 

Glossier Priming Moisturizer | £18
If you have seen my Glossier roundup post. Then you already know that I hate this moisturiser... It really doesn't agree with my skin and it burns my eyes. It's an all round 'no' from me. 
What was the last product you used up?

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  1. I love love love the SDJ Shower Cream! I think I'm on my fourth now but it smells incredible, I want them to create a perfume now (or haircare) so I can wear it with my body mist haha xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️