Everything You Need to Know About Milk Makeup UK Launch

Milk Makeup UK Launch, Milk Makeup Reviews

Milk Makeup has been planning the UK launch since 2017 (I only know because I was planning their influencers launch plan since I first joined Cult Beauty). You don't know tough it was, trying to keep this a secret from everyone. When I was in the US, I had held off buying Milk Makeup products because I thought that it was coming to the UK soon. Finally, they are here and I honestly can't wait to try everything. I recently had a training session with their educational team to learn a bit more about the products that will be stocked on Cult Beauty and I thought I'd share what I've learned from that session with you! 

- BLUR -
This range is best for those normal to oily skin as the product can look quite mattifying. The amazing thing about Milk Makeup's Blur range is that they don't contain any silicone. Their blurring microsphere technology turns into a powder on the skin and absorbs excess oil without clogging up your pores. 

The stick has 2 versions: the Blur Stick and Luminous Blur Stick. The difference is the Blur Stick has a matte finish and Luminous Blur Stick has a shimmer finish (best for those with oily skin but still want a little bit of glow). Both sticks can be used by themselves for no-makeup days and underneath makeup. I have the Blur Stick and it is fantastic at removing shine without being drying and it looks amazing underneath makeup.

The Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder is for those that want to take matte skin to the next level. The setting powder comes in 3 'Translucent' shades: Light, Medium and Deep. As one shade of translucent doesn't always work for everyone. The powder is dispensed through a mesh, which you can use the enclosed sponge to pick up the product without making a massive mess. 

Blur Spray is their setting spray with a blurring effect. It has the same blurring microsphere technology as other products in the range but in a liquid form. Honestly, my skin felt so soft and smooth after applying this. You can use it by itself with no makeup, in between makeup stages and at the end to set makeup. 

Blur Liquid Matte Foundation currently has 24 shades. It's a full coverage foundation with a lightweight and serum-like formula. It feels so thin that you expect it to be light coverage but it's not. You only need 1-2 tiny drops to cover your entire face. The foundation comes in a clear tube and a very cool dispenser that keeps the foundation airtight and not leaks all over your bag. Don't forget to shake before squeezing out the product. Can we have a dewy version of this foundation, please? 

Personally, as a dry skin girl, I will be skipping most of this range as it's not aimed towards my needs and concerns. I would recommend this range for people with normal/oily skin with pore concerns. 

Milk Makeup uses ceremonial grade (the highest grade) Matcha in their products. The aim of this range is to detoxify your skin. There are 3 products in this range: Mask, Cleanser and Toner. 

Matcha Detoxifying Mask has Kombucha and Witch Hazel to reduce the appearance of pores and absorb excess oil. The mask is green when on the skin (super Instagrammable) and it's super cool how it's relatively mess-free to apply the mask. It's also easy to remove. 

Matcha Cleanser is a daily cleanser as well as an exfoliant whilst being microbeads-free. Just think about how easy it is to take travelling (as it doesn't count as part of your liquid restriction, yay!). 

Matcha Toner is the world's first solid toner. It has similar key ingredients as the mask (kombucha and witch hazel) to detoxifying your pores but it also hydrates your skin with the cactus elixir. 
I am intrigued by the Matcha Detoxifying Mask and will definitely look into purchasing the full size.

2 products in the Watermelon range: Watermelon Brightening Face Mask and Watermelon Brightening Serum. Not much I can say about these products as I only had a little swatch and I thought that the mask felt like the Matcha Mask but with pink colour, whilst the Watermelon Brightening Serum felt like Matcha Toner. Having said that, I might buy both of these as I just have a thing for watermelon in skincare. 

- OIL -
Sunshine Oil is dubbed the "everything" oil as it can be used everywhere. It has a zesty scent due to grapefruit peel, lemon peel, tangerine peel, mandarin orange peel oils (there is a lot of citruses). So if you don't like a zesty scent, stay away! The packaging has UV protection so the bacteria won't grow in the oil. How clever?!

Hydrating Oil Stick is packed with a multitude of oils (jojoba, avocado, grape, apricot etc). The stick is clear, so it looks very chic. Great for adding moisture and shine but it won't replace your highlighter. I might get this but I don't need it.  

- KUSH -
There are two Kush lip products in the range: Kush Lip Balm and Kush Lip Glaze. Both have cannabis oil but they are not psychoactive. They look green but blend in clear. The difference is that the Lip Balm is used to add and seal in hydration whilst the Lip Glaze is used as an overnight lip mask or to add high shine (like a lip gloss). Both are quite pepperminty. 

Kush Fiber Brow Gel comes in 3 shades: Haze, Dutch and Grind. They have heart-shaped fibres to thicken the look of your brows, the tinted shade can also adhere directly to your skin and add a more defined look. As all of their products are vegan, they do not use beeswax and cannabis oil works as a binding component and add conditioning benefit to the products in their Kush range. 

Kush Clear Brow Gel doesn't have any fibres so perfect for male grooming or someone with already great brows (I am jealous). 

Kush High Volume Mascara is a fibre mascara with the same heart-shaped fibres as their brow gels. So they add length and volume. I actually have this mascara and I am still in the process of testing it out! The tube is a super heavy and luxurious metal (apparently made in the same factory as Ferrari!).
From this range, I am 100% getting Kush Fiber Brow Gel because I need to see if it's as good as Glossier Boy Brow. 

- BASE -
Flex Concealer comes in 16 shades and a doe foot applicator. Inspired by Liquid Band-Aid to gives that flexibility without creasing. I have only had a little swatch so I can't say if it's true to its claim but I am definitely interested in trying it out. 

Holographic Stick comes in three shades: Stardust (holographic pink), Supernova (holographic lavender) and Mars (holographic golden peach). They are not true 'holo' as described by the queen of holo (Cristine from Simplynailogical) but they do contain meteorite powder! Despite being dubbed 'holographic', all the shades are actually wearable for every day as they are not 'too in your face'. My favourite from the bunch is Mars. 

Glitter Stick is a solid glitter on a stick with a full glitter payoff. I have never seen anything like it. Literally, swipe and sparkle. Perfect product for doing a festival or party look. The glitter stick is weirdly more holographic than the Holographic stick. 

Lit Highlighter was recently in my disappointing product post but it was mainly down to me hating on stick highlighter. It's not their fault, it's me. 

Matte Bronzer comes in 2 shades: Baked and Blaze. They are creamy matte bronzer with a really nice colour payoff. Unlike stick highlighter, I am a big fan of stick/cream bronzer. So I will be picking this up. 

Lip + Cheek products have 5 shades: Werk (Dusty Rose), Perk (Coral with shimmer), Quickie (Berry), Rally (Mauve with shimmer) and Swish (Pink). They are creamy without feeling sticky. 

They have a nice colour payoff and you can definitely build it up and sheer it out. Super-versatile. I have my eyes on the shade Werk and Quickie! 

- EYE -
Eye Pigment has 10 beautiful shades. They are very pigmented and near impossible to remove once dry (unless with an oil cleanser). My favourite shade is Rave which is the iconic purple. 

Long Wear Gel Liner has 6 shades in both matte and shimmer. They come with a smudger and sharpener which is useful for creating any smokey looks. 

Tattoo Stamp has so many different shapes and even have astrology signs (for those that are into that astrology vibe). I stamped some shapes onto my hand and tried to remove them with makeup wipes and soap. They didn't even budge. So if you are planning on stamping them on your face, make sure to have some oil cleanser around!

Cooling Water stick is really nice to use in a hot office as it feels so refreshing on the skin. The Cooling Water stick is infused with caffeine to support micro-circulation and de-puff skin. It also soothes and hydrates skin. I like it but I don't know if everyone needs it. The stick also comes as Eye Patches form. 

I think these are mostly everything that is coming to the UK (I might have missed out 1-2 products that I didn't get a chance to swatch). If you would like to swatch everything out for yourself, there is a Milk Makeup x Cult Beauty Pop Up shop in London tomorrow (27th January 2018) at 6a Langley Street, Covent Garden. First 100 guests will receive a free Meet the Fam set! If you can't make it, you will find Milk Makeup on Cult Beauty from the 28th onwards.

Let me know what is on your to-buy list!

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  1. I think this is such an exciting launch and although I’ve used some of the skincare, I don’t event know where to begin with the makeup, but everyone is raving about the mascara and blur stick x

  2. I am so excited to finally try MILK! I love the sound of the Blur Spray, but I basically want everything to be honest haha xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️

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