How to Have a Relaxing Holiday in Prague

The Prague Travel Guide, How to Spend 2 days in Prague, Prague Travel Tips

As a very last minute getaway in November, I booked a relaxing city break in Prague for a couple of days. It was a mixture of the last holiday of the year and a celebration for Kyri's birthday. Since I work in e-commerce, we have a holiday ban around Black Friday and Christmas time. It was my chance to take a break before the craziest time of the year. 

This was the first visit to Prague for both of us and we didn't have a lot of expectations for Prague but we just wanted to have some time away from London life. Ultimately, we both had a great time and the city really exceeded all the expectations that we didn't have. Here was how we spent our 2 days break in Prague...

The Prague Travel Guide, How to Spend 2 days in Prague, Prague Travel Tips

Preparing for the Trip 

Like I said that this trip was extremely last minute (I booked the flight 3 days before hands, we don't do far in advanced trip in this household).  EASYJET flight from London Gatwick to Prague was around £80-£90 each which wasn't too bad. The flight itself took 2 hours, which is less time and less money than getting to Middlesbrough via train (isn't that just madness?). 

In terms of money, we aren't really a cash-carrying type of people and for this trip, I just started using Monzo card for most transactions as you can see exactly how much you are spending straightaway with the exchange rate. Majority of places in the Czech Republic accept both Euro and Czech Krona but it was usually cheaper to pay using Krona. So far, I am really liking the card and will be using it for my future trips. 

The Prague Travel Guide, How to Spend 2 days in Prague, Prague Travel Tips

Sights to See

For our first day, we spent the majority of our times walking around Old Town because we just love the medieval vibe and the breathtaking architecture. Around here, you will see Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Hall and Church of Our Lady Before Týn. 

On the second day, we ventured out on the other side of the Charles Bridge and explored Prague Castle, Mala Strana before going around the Jewish Quarter and back to Old Town. Admittedly, we didn't go to any museums as we were not feeling any of them and preferred to have a very relaxing time walking around and eating. 

The Prague Travel Guide, How to Spend 2 days in Prague, Prague Travel Tips

Getting Around

You will be glad to know that Uber works in Prague and it also has a designated Uber pick up area at the airport (is this a new thing because we have had so many issues in other European cities). The hotel we stayed at was about 30 minutes away from the airport but overall it was a super easy journey. 

Prague city is fairly small and we travelled everywhere on foot with the help of Google Maps. The only time we used the tram was when we went to the Palace. 

The Prague Travel Guide, How to Spend 2 days in Prague, Prague Travel Tips

The Prague Travel Guide, How to Spend 2 days in Prague, Prague Travel Tips

The Prague Travel Guide, How to Spend 2 days in Prague, Prague Travel Tips

Where to Eat & Drink

Even with my best intentions to explore all the different dishes. Sometimes, your mood just takes you to different places. Overall, food in Prague wasn't too bad but there wasn't a lot of standout places for us but that might be entirely our fault as we were in the mood to eat random things like Vietnamese, Indian and burgers... There are no breakfast places to recommend as we had a free breakfast with our apartment

For our first night, we arrived quite late and we went to have dinner at Smíchovský radniční sklípek which was the only Czech meal we had and was probably the tastiest (and the cheapest of the entire trip). The next day, we had dinner at Sad Man's Tongue Bar & Bistro. The burger and chips there were very nice but I would suggest you arrive early and bring cash (as they don't take card!). After a cold day, we really wanted something warming. There is nothing like a warm hug to your souls like pho and Vietnamese Coffee at Muc Dong. On the last day, we went for Indian food at K The Two Brothers for dinner. 

As non-cat people, we sure do go to a few cat cafe because sometimes you just want to pet some fluffy animals and drink some coffee. As of midday break, we also had some matcha latte and soup at Bistro Monk (I, unfortunately, had some stomach issues right after eating there... so, try at your own risk). 

My favourite snack in Prague has to be Trdelník. It's like a cross between the croissant and ice cream cone. You can find them pretty much everywhere in Prague. The one I went to was Good Food. We went there twice and tried 2 different flavours, we would recommend the Chimney King as it was so good. The Charcoal one was slightly bit strange with the activated charcoal having the texture of sugar as you grind your teeth together. Weird. 

For our last night, we went to have a few cocktails at The Alchemist Bar. It's definitely a drink and an experience. I ordered the Choose My Fate as I just want to have the Tarot cards fun but I am not a big drinker. I picked up The Hermit card but luckily the waitress recommended The Temperance instead and I loved it! Highly recommend as the place to visit. 

Have you been to Prague? 

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