Formerly known as kahfehyen. 'What does that mean?' I hear you ask?! It means iced coffee in Thai and you guessed it, I love iced coffee.

I started this blog way back in mid 2012 (just slightly bit before it was cool and when all the 'cool' girls were happily making fun of bloggers before jumping on board a few years later) as a creative outlet and because I had just started to get into beauty and I was overwhelmed with the amount of choices we had. I realised that we can't always trust the marketing spiel of a product to do exactly what they say (ironic as I now work in beauty marketing, ahaha). I was trying a lot makeup and skincare products that many people were raving about and I wanted to see if they'd work for me too. I also wanted to share my journey and experiences with university life and travels.

After graduating university, I was determined to make it in the beauty industry. I moved to London in 2015 for an internship at a beauty online retailer. Whilst I was focusing on my real life career, I had abandoned my blog and YouTube a little which I am now regretting but here we are again. Trying to make it work and get back my blogging mojo.

Keep up with me over on Instagram, I promise to provide good instastories!

If you would like to contact me, please email contact@wanischa.com

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